This post is a bit different to the other ones. Not only it is written in English, but it´s Christmas time guys.  I can´t believe it! The year is almost over and I have found myself in the middle of my favorite season. When I was younger, I had travelled across Europe. I´ve always been keen on different nationalities and their customs. Whenever I got the chance, I would spend Christmas elsewhere. If you love travelling it becomes your lifestyle. In my opinion, you have to "howl with the wolves", to get to know the place. Meaning - you have to live in the country, with its people. And so...I lived in 3 different countries in 5 years, moving constantly from hostel to apartment, flat, another apartment and another flat. I cherish that period, as I cherish my family. From a certain time, it is unimaginable for me to spend Christmas without my family. I suffer from...

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